Center of Regenerative Medicine

Prof. Dáša Čížková, DVM, DSc

Dáša Čížková
Our Mission
The laboratory is oriented toward biomedicine, investigating the multiline potential, the genomic and proteomic profile of stem cells, and their metabolites obtained from adult and neonatal tissues. It uses modern in vitro and in vivo model systems and technologies of cell-tissue-3D-organoid engineering.
The main objective is to identify the most effective strategies for repairing damaged nervous tissue that is dysfunctional due to trauma, aging, and disease. We are achieving this through cell-based therapy, particularly with adult stem cells, genetically modified cells, or biomaterials seeded with stem cells capable of mechanical and trophic support. The main impact is on autologous sources of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) isolated from bone marrow and adipose tissue. Both are safe, relatively easily accessible cells that are tolerated without a substantial risk of immune rejection. Our previous studies clearly confirmed their paracrine actions via released trophic and growth factors, cytokines, chemokines, metabolites, and bioactive lipids which stimulate endogenous regeneration and influence immune response. The application of conditioned media (CM) containing bioactive factors released by stem cells has the same regenerative potential as the direct transplantation of cells. Furthermore, CM contains extracellular vesicles (EVs) that mediate their paracrine effects by shuttling different types of RNAs (e.g., mRNA and miRNA) and proteins to recipient cells.
Delivery of CM-derived active factors may open the door to new clinical approaches for CNS treatment. Our research efforts focus on carefully selected cell-based or CM-based therapy for treating: i) CNS trauma, and ii) dementia associated with cognitive impairment in older dogs. The main strategy of cell-based therapy is to modulate inflammatory processes and improve recovery and axonal outgrowth, and synaptic structures in damaged nerve tissue.

International co-laboration

In collaboration with Laboratoire PRISM – INSERM U1192, University Lille1 in France we are elucidating the protein cargo of stem cells-derived EVs and identifying candidate proteins and biological signatures associated with the postulated therapeutic effects. Prof. Dasa Cizkova, DrSc. – an external member of PRISM laboratory
Cooperation in Ph.D. programs
Co-Tutorial Ph.D. Study Program with Laboratoire PRISM – INSERM U1192, University Lille1 in France/ 2016-2022. Prof. Michel Salzet, Ph.D./ Prof. Dasa Cizkova, DSc
Co-tutorial Ph.D. student – Finished (2016-2018) Mgr. Adriana Murgoci, Ph.D. Topic: Modulation of the microglia immune response in the context of the cross-talk between glioma and neuronal progenitor cells through extracellular vesicles. Thesis Defense: International board at UVLF Kosice/NiU SAV Bratislava Co-tutors – Prof. Michel Salzet, Ph.D./ Prof. Dasa Cizkova, DrSc. Members of the committee: Prof. MVDr. Jan Motlík, DrSc (Czech Republic), Ass.  Prof. Stefanii Mondell, Ph.D. (Italy), Prof. MVDr. Juraj Koppel, DrSc (Slovakia), Prof. Isabelle Fournier, Ph.D., Prof. Serge Nataf, Ph.D. (France), Ass. Prof. MVDr. Mangesh Bhide, Ph.D. (Slovakia).
Co-Tutorial Ph.D. student – In progress (2022-2024) Lydia Ziane Chaouche, Ph.D. Topic: Development and reprogramming of CAR macrophages for anti-tumor immunotherapy strategy. Co-tutors – Ass. Prof. Marie Duhamal, PhD/ Prof. Dasa Cizkova, DrSc.

Lab members

  • Tomáš Smolek, DVM, PhD
  • Veronika Cubínková, DVM, Ph.D.
  • Adriana-Natalia Murgoci, MSc., Ph.D.


  • APVV-SK-FR-2015-0018: Nová kombinovaná terapia na báze alginátových biomateriálov a trofických faktorov pre obnovu poranenej miechy (A novel combined therapy based on alginate biomaterials and trophic factors for spinal cord injury repair)
    • (1.1.2016 – 31.12.2017) Daša Čížková – Principal investigator
    • Financial support (APVV): 5290 €
  • APVV-15-0613: Štúdium funkčných bio-implantátov a bunková terapia pre regeneráciu CNS (Study of functional bio-implants and cell therapy for the CNS regeneration)
    • (1.7.2016-30.6.2020) Daša Čížková – Principal investigator
    • Financial support (APVV): 239 982 €
  • ERA-NET NEURON AxonRepair (NEURON9-FP-030): Spinal cord repair: releasing the neuron-intrinsic brake on axon regeneration (European Research Projects on External Insults to the Nervous System)
    • (01.1. 2017 – 31.12.2019) Daša Čížková – Principal investigator
    • Financial support (ERANET): 120 000 €
  • V4 Project 22020272, V4RM: Bridging the gap between science, education and enterprise in regenerative medicine. Applicant: Institute of Experimental Medicine CAS (Czech republic)
    • (01/10/2020–20/03/2022) Daša Čížková – Co-investigator

    Book chapters

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